• Organize neighbors for capacity building in land use and development

  • Fix the broken property tax assessment process to prevent homeowners from being priced out of their neighborhoods

  • Expand home preservation and repair resources to allow more people to stay in their homes

  • Ensure residents have access to sustainable, affordable housing

  • Fight for legislation that addresses our housing crisis, such as inclusionary zoning laws and rent control


  • Organize the community to prioritize and fight with me for an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour within 100 days of taking office

  • Support our workers and their right to unionize

  • Support the Pittsburgh Building Trades Unions by fighting to make sure all new development in the East End is done by union construction workers

  • Fight to certify 9th Council District residents have a stake in and fully benefit from the City’s economic development

  • Fight to ensure the inclusion of minorities in the redevelopment of the East End on all stages (i.e: entrepreneurship, business development, real estate investment, home ownership, as well as construction)   

  • Willingness to do anything (including working with nonprofit organizations and State Representatives to find and access grants) to ensure no child in the City of Pittsburgh goes to bed hungry


  • Hold the Governor and members of the State Legislature accountable for fair education funding and promises made to the Pittsburgh Public School system

  • Partner with local institutions to annually invest more resources into every Public School within the 9th Council District

  • Organize parent and community support groups that assist schools in their mission to create better outcomes by engaging parents, students, teachers and community members


  • Support a woman’s right to access contraception and choose

  • Support robust funding for domestic and sexual violence programs and groups

  • Support a woman’s ability to earn a fair wage and reverse the massive inequality in Council District 9 by supporting legislation that prevents wage discrimination

  • Zero tolerance policy for discrimination based on sexual orientation/identity, race, national origin, ancestry gender/gender expression, age, pregnancy, disability or religious affiliation in the workplace, when accessing public accommodations or buying or leasing property


  • Establish a Community Commission that will create a Green New Deal for Pittsburgh

  • Transition to 100% renewable energy in Pittsburgh by 2040

  • Increase investments in our parks and public green spaces to help draw down greenhouse gases

  • Rethink infrastructure to allow more active transportation and car sharing, as well as increases transit ridership


  • Support community leaders and organizers committed to interrupting the cycle of violence

  • Prioritize the expansion of trauma-informed programs and services

  • Create opportunities for returning citizens to access stable housing and employment

  • Fight to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals; especially individuals that have been convicted of domestic violence crimes


  • Support a comprehensive transportation bill that creates jobs and helps to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure

  • Urge more investments in mass transit for the thousands of Pittsburgh residents that rely on public transportation daily to get to and from work, especially residents of the east end