As Managing Director of Chatman Consulting and as an independent consultant, Kierran Young has provided guidance to nonprofit and for-profit companies, institutions and political candidates to further their interests and achieve their goals.  His deep relationships in the political arena and his understanding of grassroots issues gives him a 360 degree perspective on setting strategies and achieving goals. Recently, Kierran helped Keystone Progress, Pennsylvania's largest progressive organization to increase its profile.


Kierran would like to see more millennials stepping up to lead in Pittsburgh City government.  He plans to be a strong voice for the voiceless, including the elderly and disabled residents. Kierran's vision is simple:  To do what it takes to provide better, more responsive City Council representation, laser-focused on constituent services. He is looking forward to hearing from you about how he can work with you and for you to shape our communities.

"I believe in the power of ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Together, we can solve many of the problems we face. I’ve seen it first-hand, as I’ve worked with residents in our nation’s capital to ensure more equitable development, create jobs, increase access to affordable housing, and invest more in our parks and public spaces.

I also believe in the power of government to be a force for good in our communities and in our city. Instead of politicians empowering themselves, I think our elected officials should empower the people to work together for our common good.

That’s why I’m offering an agenda that shifts power back to residents and neighborhoods and provides a new vision for how our communities can tackle our biggest challenges.    

I believe in People Power. If you do, too, I ask for your support and your vote to become your next city councilman for the 9th District.


Let's pull together, dream more and inspire others to move our 9th Council District to rise as a model for inclusive progress!"


- Kierran Young

Kierran Young



                   NEW VISION.  


                                    NEW DIRECTION.